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Vocabulary Test

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For the September/October issue of ArtAsiaPacific,  we look at artists who extend the vocabulary of their given practices—through the use of a specific material or by adopting a range of strategies and styles, both old and new—to communicate their ideas, often in novel, unexpected ways.

United Kingdom
Reports: The Point

Screen Resolution

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

How the world has changed since Seditionart.com was founded three years ago! When I first started thinking about the company in the 1990s, the idea of a digital, limited-edition artwork was seen as bizarre;  “digital edition” seemed a contradiction in terms.

United Arab Emirates

Why Here?

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

Any reader of lifestyle-oriented art magazines is familiar with the topos of the collector interview. Proudly posed amid a smattering of treasures, the collector tells tales of provenance and pedigree, impulse and addiction, sudden chance and shrewd pursuit through art world haunts dotted with cameos by complicit dealers, affable advisors and artists who have become fast friends.


Analytic Interventions
Haro Cümbüşyan

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

Just off Istanbul’s central Taksim Square, at the top of the street that curves down toward the Dolmabahçe Palace, is a small space with two glass walls facing the street.

New Zealand

Mercurial Consistency
Billy Apple

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

Without question one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most remarkable artists, Billy Apple is nearing 80. His lengthy, and still ongoing, career has encompassed direct involvement in some of the most crucial phenomena of postwar and contemporary art, from Pop to Conceptualism, body art to institutional critique—sometimes all together.

Hong Kong India
Para Site

Sheela Gowda

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

For nearly 25 years, Sheela Gowda has been  lauded for her use of agrarian materials, such as cow dung and jute, sourced from her native India, as well as thread and human hair.

Korea, South USA
MIT List Visual Arts Center

Anicka Yi
6,070,430K of Digital Spit

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In the near decade since the MIT List Visual Arts Center presented “Sensorium” (2006), an artistic exploration of aesthetics, technology and the senses, the institution has championed art that engages the body as well as the eye.

Where I Work

Xu Bing

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

It’s graduation season and spirits are high on the campus of Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). It is during this time in June that Xu Bing, the institution’s former vice president and current head of its academic committee, meets with me at the CAFA museum café. 

Fine Print

Buyer Beware!

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

The cavalier approach in the art market to signing

contracts is a matter that causes constant dismay to

lawyers who observe the industry.

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Charwei Tsai on Ustad Allah Bakhsh
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George Awde: Shifted Subjects
Anida Yoeu Ali: Artist Provocateur
Fahrelnissa Zeid: The Courage to Unlearn
Annie Wan Lai-Kuen: Unfolding in Slow Motion
Mithu Sen: Poetry, Beauty and Androgyny
I Am At War With My Time
Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale
Go East
Left, Right: Seung Yul Oh
Individualized Together: Polit-Sheer-Form
Colors: Liu Wei
Art of Ink – Mio Pang Fei Calligraphy Exhibition
The Collective Young: From South East Asia
Hard Copy: Susanta Mandal
Images: Hassan Sharif
I Spy With My Little Eye: A New Generation of Beirut Artists
Silence: On Kawara
28 Chinese
Clash of the Titans
Li Shan

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