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Vital Encounters

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In East Asia, the September season arrives with a gauntlet of festivals. Mega-exhibitions in Gwangju, Fukuoka, Seoul, Busan, Taipei and Shanghai are all on the docket—not to mention the Yokohama Triennale, which is already up and running. 

Reports: One on One

Tony Albert on Gordon Bennett

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

1999 was my last year at high school and the year I went to see “History and Memory in the Art of Gordon Bennett” at Brisbane City Gallery. It was the first exhibition I had ever attended and it changed my life forever.

Reports: Dispatch


Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

Perhaps the apotheosis of Beirut’s rise as a center for contemporary art came earlier this year, when e-flux was invited to set up shop in Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace academy, with co-founder Anton Vidokle as a resident professor. 

Hong Kong
Reports: The Point

After an Education in Art, What Next?

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As the academic year begins, and students arrive at, or return to, their chosen institutions with high hopes for their pursuit of knowledge, I feel a sense of anxiety that some might consider inappropriate at this time of such promise. 

Qatar Saudi Arabia USA

The Making Of…
Sophia al-Maria

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

In her 2013 memoir, The Girl Who Fell to Earth, artist, writer and filmmaker Sophia al‑Maria recounts an identity crisis brought on by having been raised between the Arabian Gulf and the United States. 


Prescient Provocateur
Rummana Hussain

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

On a sunlit afternoon in Mumbai, surrounded by a handful of well-wishers and cultural peers, Rummana Hussain (1952–99) embarked upon her inaugural performance piece, Living on the Margins (1995). As she slowly walked around the open courtyard of the National Centre for Performing Arts with ghungroos, or ankle bells, 


View-Point: A Retrospective of Li Yuan-Chia
Li Yuan-chia

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

The retrospective of Li Yuan-chia (1929–94) at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), which featured over 190 pieces and documents from the artist’s four major creative periods, was inspiring for visitors who, like myself, have previously had scarce chance to see his artworks in person.

USA New Zealand
The Drawing Center

Motion Sketch
Len Lye

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One of New Zealand’s most celebrated artists, Len Lye (1901–80) is hardly a household name in much of the art world, but is widely recognized for his major contribution to avant-garde film.

Tibet Switzerland
Where I Work

Kesang Lamdark

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

Shirtless and teetering atop a ladder in Shanghai’s heavy midday haze is how I first remember seeing Kesang Lamdark, back in September 2008. He was melting bright pink plastic sheeting over a massive, four-meter-tall boulder with a miniscule heat gun.

Fine Print

Good Title, Good Sense

I am riveted by public scandals. Not just because of the salacious details, but also because scandals, like good comedy, highlight current attitudes toward particular (mis)conducts. Acceptable conduct yesterday may be subject to scorn today.

In-Print Only Content
The Marking of Time
Caught in the Net
Strength in Numbers
Global Lusts, Regional Dreams
System Overload
Delicate Visions
Journey to the West
Where Next for Australia’s Galleries?
Constructing Decolonial Subjects
Hossein Valamanesh: A Life In-Between
Andrew and Cathy Cameron: A Live-In Collection
Chen Zhou: The Post-Happy Artist
Akram Zaatari: A Sentimental Dedication
Minouk Lim: Chasing and Fascing Poetic Testimonies
Kwan Sheung Chi: Quite Playful, Quite Boring
Shades of Time
No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia
Seung Yul Oh: Moamoa, a Decade
Tabaimo: Mekurumeku
Songs of Loss and Songs of Love
Advance Through Retreat
Advance Through Retreat
Paris: Chinese Parintings – Legacy of the 20th Century Chinese Masters
Palimpsest: Phi Phi Oanh
Through the Looking Glass: Füsun Onur
The Part in the Story where a Part becomes a Part of Something Else
A Special Arrow was Shot in the Neck…
Duality of Existence Post Fukushima
Cicadas Cicadas: Genevieve Chua
In the Eye of the Dragon

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