MAR/APR 2011

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Editor's Letter

The Upside of Social Networking

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

As protests against rising food costs, unemployment and autocratic rule spread rapidly across the Arab world, one might wonder how this sudden political change came about. First in Tunisia and then through Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Yemen, antigovernment demonstrations have been organized largely though online networks such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Korea, North
Essays: Perspective

Hollow Monuments

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

In soaring tribute to political opacity and greed, North Korean construction projects proliferate across Africa.

Profiles: Interview

Portraits of Power
Mao Xuhui

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

As the repression of the Cultural Revolution and the post-Tiananmen years gave way to the economic boom of the 2000s, Mao Xuhui’s paintings shifted from emotional expressionism to an embrace of iconographic repetition.

Iraq USA

Remote Repercussions
Wafaa Bilal

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

When does a random snapshot of one’s everyday surroundings transgress another’s privacy? An Iraqi-American artist’s challenging performances examine issues of remote surveillance, the power of online communities and the devastation of war. 

Arab Museum of Modern Art (Qatar)

Three Inaugural Exhibitions at the Arab Museum of Modern Art (Mathaf)

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

In clear hopes of familiarizing the world with the basics of Arabic, West Asia’s first major modern Arab art museum has been simply named “Mathaf,” the Arabic word for “museum.” Originally conceived in 2003, the space opened its doors to the public on December 30, 2010, in Qatar’s capital, Doha. 

India Pakistan
Project 88

Section Yellow
Bani Abidi

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

For her first solo exhibition at Project 88, New Delhi-based Pakistani artist Bani Abidi reflected on the idea of migration by peering into the processes by which it is achieved. Comprising a 12-minute video and three photographic series, “Section Yellow” situated itself at the visa office, a place where nationality determines mobility. 

Japan France
Château de Versailles

Murakami Versailles
Takashi Murakami

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

The clash between Louis XIV-era gaudy gilt décor and the saccharine pop of Takashi Murakami’s notoriously audacious patterned personages made one’s teeth ache. 

China UK
Tate Modern

Sunflower Seeds
Ai Weiwei

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

It is difficult to gauge whether Ai Weiwei anticipated the initial impact of the large-scale commission Sunflower Seeds (2010) in the gray volume of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. 

USA Israel
Luhring Augustine

Elad Lassry

Also available in:  Chinese  Arabic

Elad Lassry’s past year included solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and the Kunsthalle Zurich, a place in the annual “New Photography” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and nomination for the 2011 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. 

Japan USA

Where I Work
Tomoo Gokita

Out in Chofu, a quiet suburb 30 minutes west of Tokyo’s buzzing center in Shinjuku, Tomoo Gokita is leading me to his studio, hidden down a warren of rickety wooden houses and scruffy vegetable patches.

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Koki Tanaka
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Sudarshan Shetty

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